The Fearless BrandING Team

Extraordinary resources who bring branding projects to life

The professionals that I’ve known the longest and work with most frequently are listed below. Their work is consistently excellent and, just as important, they’re all extraordinary people. 

Richard Wilks – Creative Director and Designer

I’ve been working with Richard since 1998. I think he's a visual genius. We've worked on several brand identity projects over the years, for example: Most recently, Richard designed this website.

Richard has significant expertise in three-dimensional branded environments. Check out Richard’s extraordinary portfolio at

Alka Joshi – Writer and Project Manager

Alka has managed complex marketing intitiatives for over twenty years. Alka and I first worked together when she was the mastermind of a multi-year rebranding of Evergreen Valley College in San Jose. In 2006, she brought me in to work with her and the college president to develop a brand strategy. Alka used the brand strategy as the foundation for a comprehensive program, getting buy-in on the vision from key stakeholders, creating marketing and public relations campaigns and developing a large website. She began her career as a copywriter for McCann Erickson.

Alka is completing her first novel, Henna. It’s about an entrepreneurial henna artist set in Jaipur, India in 1957.

Lauri Maerov – Writer

Lauri and I have worked together since 2001. She has been especially helpful for me as a partner for all the writing that I have done for Fearless Branding’s own marketing materials. I think of Lauri as “the writer’s writer.”

Adam Hansen – Custom WordPress Developer

Adam has built custom WordPress sites for several clients including Town + Country Resources and Singer Sustainability. We’ve worked together since 2010. Adam knows his stuff and he’s a complete pleasure to work with. Every time I bring Adam in on a project, we get accolades.

Ken Berger – Wireware Websites

Wireware is a proprietary platform for websites that includes a Content Management System that is even easier to use than WordPress. Wireware built Fearless Branding’s first site in 2001 and this site is built on Wireware’s latest platform developed in 2012. Ken is knowledgeable, accessible, kind, patient and good-natured – all the things you need in a web guy! Having a great relationship with a service provider for over 10 years says a lot.

Wendy Richards – Advisor to financial services firms

Wendy is an accomplished financial services marketer, with particular expertise in alternative investments.

Wendy led marketing for Altegris Investments, helping the firm grow into one of the largest alternative investment platforms in the US; it was subsequently acquired by Genworth Financial.

Wendy is a graduate of the Stanford Business School and worked extensively in investment banking and telecom management in Europe prior to specializing in financial marketing.