Coaching leads to steadily increasing revenue

Singer Sustainability represents beautifully designed, innovative and sustainable products to the world’s leading retailers.

Fearless Branding provides both branding services and business coaching to Singer Sustainability. Work has included developing the business model and business planning, as well as coaching on sales, product development and operations. Fearless Branding named the business and wrote the company’s tagline "Make money. Sell cool products. Save the planet." and website


An interview with Deb Singer

Why did you want to hire a coach?

I wanted to be in my own business. I had a successful career at Whole Foods and an entrepreneurial spirit but I didn’t know how to make a business work.

I needed help to focus - to figure out what I wanted to do, how to do it and how to make money. I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

Why did you hire me?

You were curious. You were provocative. I remember thinking you were really business savvy. You were committed to me making money.

You were a great listener and you got me. I felt like you had a great understanding of who I was – a 50-something woman with a lot of talent and drive who wanted to make money and also had a spiritual side.

What was it like in the early stages of your business?

During the first year, I needed guidance every step of the way. I struggled to find a business model that I would enjoy and would be lucrative.

You challenged me to commit to an income goal and hit it no matter what.  The truth is, it was a big stretch and I didn't hit it, but I got really close - and made more money than I ever had before. 

How has your brand supported the growth of your business?

I put my stake in the ground and committed to three core principles. They became my brand and my mission:

Make money. Sell cool products. Save the planet.

Then we built my website. It’s a public declaration of who I am and what I stand for. Once we put it in place, I felt more powerful.

What else drove the growth of your business?

You taught me how to sell. Real selling is a strategic process but it’s also about serving the people I work with. It’s not about me.

We also focused on the nuts and bolts of my business. The systems you taught me gave me mastery of my business. Today I have the structure and discipline to grow Singer Sustainability.

What results do you see in your business today?

I generated significant revenue in 2012, nearly doubling my revenue from 2011.  I have seen a dramatic increase in revenue since we've been working together.

I love being an entrepreneur - making money and being my own boss. As challenging as it is, I would never go back. I love the freedom to be in control of how my life is structured. I have control over how much money I make. I don’t have to wait for someone to give me a raise.

What’s the greatest value you got from Fearless Branding?

I wouldn’t be where I am today, standing so strong, without you. I have gotten incredible support and clarity. Here are some highlights:

  • The sense of fearlessness: The biggest thing I have gotten from working with you is that you live and breathe being fearless. You model it, so I could see how fearless could come alive in my business.
  • Day-in-day-out partnering and support. I love having a high-level business consultant who is willing to get involved in the details and who gets who I am.
  • Solid business planning.
  • Impeccability. You insist that my work is always of the highest quality. It has built my character and created trust among clients and vendors
  • I’m clear about who I am. I know the unique gifts I bring.
  • You are really, really fun to work with.
  • I believe in myself and my abilities in dramatically new and different ways. I had to learn how to build my business and then do the work to find my confidence. I was willing to go on the journey.