A new brand identity, tagline and website bring it to life

Town + Country Resources is a boutique household staffing agency with offices in San Francisco and Palo Alto. The current owners, Jens and Carrie Hillen, purchased the 20-year-old business in 2007.

Fearless Branding began working with Town + Country in 2010. Its sales and marketing materials were dated and needed to be refreshed. Just as importantly, the company needed to respond to a demanding competitive environment in which lower priced, online options were encroaching on market share of established staffing agencies.

Fearless Branding’s work with Town + Country included Brand Vision, writing the tagline “We’re dedicated to finding you the one,” and designing, writing and building the company’s website www.tandcr.com.


An interview with Jens Hillen, owner of Town + Country Resources

Why did you hire Fearless Branding?

We had been under-investing in marketing but I didn’t know what the company needed. Marketing was a language I didn’t speak. In my interactions with marketing people, I had been frustrated with the conversations and outcomes.

When you and I spoke, I had an overwhelming sense that the cloudy waters were clarified. I came away feeling more in command. I knew where we were, where we needed to go and the path to get there.

You were down to earth and direct. You didn’t use abstract concepts and industry buzzwords. I felt you spoke my language. I had confidence that this is a guy that can lead us down the path of developing better marketing.

What were the benefits of your work with Fearless Branding?

We now have a crystal-clear vision of what the company is all about and our place in the market.

We nailed the brand and the tagline. Now I have a brand that I understand and believe in.

One of the huge benefits was going through the branding process with our employees.

Distilling our value and message down has had a very noticeable effect on the conversations we have with prospective clients and candidates. Our employees have the ability to communicate to a prospective client what we really do and how we’re different from direct competitors as well as lower-priced online options.

The branding work also gave me a tool that enables me to evaluate problems, opportunities and decisions points with a much stronger intellectual framework. I make decisions faster and more effectively and keep our people on-message and on-task.

What results have you experienced?

We are clear about what it means to be a full service, premium agency and not compete on price.

I remember you said to us: “Look, you’re expensive but you need to own that.” It felt logical, but it was intimidating at the time.

By working with Fearless Branding we learned why people come to us and are willing to spend the money. We now know what we need to deliver and how to describe why it’s valuable.

All of that has been dramatically clarified for me by going through the Brand Vision process.

What was it like to work with Fearless Branding?

One of your biggest strengths is that you will give honest and direct feedback in a concise fashion. It’s objective and unemotional.

The quality of the communication has always been very, very high. You make yourself well understood. You describe a path that makes sense. I understand what we are doing, why we are going in a direction and what we are supposed to end up with.