Defining who you are to attract the clients you want

I started Fearless Branding because I knew there was a better way to help businesses build their brands.

In the beginning

Early in my career, I received great training in brand positioning, new product development and market research at big New York advertising agencies and then as a brand manager for Kraft on The Budget Gourmet, a $ 400 million frozen food brand. So far, so good.

In 2001, I was working on Coffee-Mate at Nestle. Existential crisis: I didn’t feel that marketing artificial powder was a good use of my talents. It was not how I wanted to use my life.

A realization

Just when I was about to quit marketing and become a psychologist, I had a realization: a few brands were defining themselves in ways that were both more authentic and more lucrative.

I saw that Coffee-Mate represented the old way of branding, while cream of the crop brands – like Apple, Nike, Polo and BMW – represented a more powerful approach.

A more meaningful experience

The brands that I admired did more than sell stuff. They used their products to create a meaningful experience for a specific customer.

Fearless brands stand for something. They are not trying to be all things to all people.

My mission is spreading fearlessness

The more I studied these businesses, the more I fervently believed that they were getting branding right.

I built Fearless Branding around an insight: Clients love brands that fearlessly express their unique essence.

I’ve made it my mission to teach the Fearless Branding philosophy  – and to help businesses who believe a more fearless approach will enable them to be more successful.

Specializing in service firms and consultants

I work with service firms and consultants because high-touch service businesses are based on values.  Those values, when strategically defined, create value for clients.

When it comes to developing long-term relationships, I believe your clients hire you, and stay with you, because of who you are.

Making a difference in clients’ businesses and lives

That's why Fearless Branding's work focuses on delivering clarity about who you really are (as a person, as a team and as a company) and the value you provide to your best clients.

Few things make a bigger difference than getting your fundamentals right. Having clarity enables you to understand what makes you different – and why your best clients will choose you and stay loyal.