A Fearless Brand leads to a more lucrative business

Linda Galindo is an author, speaker and executive coach who helps leaders to create more accountable organizations. Fearless Branding’s work with Linda included Brand Vision, writing the tagline “The Straight Truth” and writing her website www.LindaGalindo.com.


An interview with Linda Galindo

Why did you hire Fearless Branding?

I wanted to do higher level work directly with CEOs. I needed to define how my work is unique to that audience and communicate it more effectively.

What’s the biggest value you got from Brand Vision?

Having you interview my clients. I heard, from an objective point of view, how much value my clients receive from my work. The Brand Vision process supported my decision to adjust my fees and focus on premium, high-end clients.

What results have you experienced since we finished our work?

My new brand and website has made selling my services easier. My business is more lucrative. I’m exclusively doing work that I really want to do.

  • Bookings as a speaker and consultant have increased by one third.
  • Client fees are 40% higher, on average.
  • I’m working with clients who demand my highest level of skill and ability.
  • The sales cycle has decreased. Clients make informed decisions within weeks instead of months.

How does your brand help you communicate your value?

The CEOs I work with want the message I deliver. They say I am refreshing, direct and I give The Straight Truth. My message is exactly right for my audience.

My website features testimonials from C-level leaders, making potential CEO clients feel comfortable asking for a reference.

What advice would you give to other consultants who are thinking about improving their brand and marketing?

If you want to connect with your audience, get your brand right. Everything else will follow, including your business plan. Social media is useful, but without a clear brand you become part of the noise - there’s nothing to distinguish you from everyone else.

Could you have accomplished your goal without your new brand and website?

No. It was a strategic investment. I knew I had to do it and that I had to pick the right provider. I thought, “I have to get it right because I’m not doing it again.”

Fearless Branding was the right firm to do this work. It was worth every cent.