With clients, prospects and colleagues

If you knew what your clients and prospects were really thinking, could you sell and market more effectively?

Conducting research with your clients shows them that you’re interested in their opinions and committed to your own success. Rather than seeing a research conversation as a burden, most clients actually appreciate being asked to participate.

It’s surprising how generous and forthcoming even the busiest decision makers are when approached skillfully and engaged in a conversation that stimulates them.


Deep understanding of your clients and prospects. Who they are, what they need and how they make decisions.

Advice for optimizing your positioning, messages and offers. Clients and prospects can often describe your value in richer, more complete terms than you can yourself. You’ll learn to communicate to a new prospect what your best clients already know.

Information about new opportunities and how to close business.  Often we think clients and prospects hold information close to the vest. However, they will can be forthcoming – even when it comes to providing information about how you can do more business with them.

Details about the tangible results you produce for clients.You’ll gain insight into the impact of your work and get information to use in case studies.

Insight into the personal impact your work has had on your clients. Excellent service providers often underestimate how their work touches their client’s lives. The special connections you create are a large part of what differentiates you from the competition.

Learn how prospects who considered your business, but chose another solution, made their decisions.  You can assess if you need to adjust your messages, sales approach or offer.

Reliable information that will drive decisions – especially when your team needs to get on board. When service firms develop new strategies for growth, even the most solid ideas can get second-guessed. When you hear what your clients and prospects actually said, your decisions are more grounded. You’ll move forward faster.


  • Recommendations to improve your positioning, messages, marketing, and service delivery
  • Next steps for pursuing opportunities uncovered in the research
  • Detailed analysis of the interviews detailing all important topics that emerged during the research
  • Tightly edited transcripts of interviews*
  • Recordings of respondent interviews*

* With permission of the respondent. Most respondents are happy to be recorded and/or willing to have detailed notes shared.