A Fearless Brand leads to bigger clients with bigger budgets


ClickMail CEO Marco Marini had a problem: Sales were way down at his email marketing company.   ClickMail’s brand and marketing were generic and didn’t speak to the needs of the market.  The sales team had great difficulty converting leads.


ClickMail brought in Fearless Branding to define ClickMail’s brand and give the company more powerful tools to win new business.  We did three things:

1. Conducted in-depth interviews with clients and channel partners to get candid feedback

We got some nice surprises: They said ClickMail’s CTO was a genius. They highly valued ClickMail’s technology acumen – and the business results it produced.  Prior to these interviews ClickMail didn’t know about these positive client perceptions – so they weren’t leveraging their strengths in sales and marketing.

2. Led ClickMail’s management team through a rigorous Brand Vision process.

We strengthened the company’s value proposition and developed a bigger, more fearless vision for where to take the business.  A key outcome was a commitment to sell higher value services to larger, more sophisticated (and less price-sensitive) clients.

3. Developed ClickMail’s new brand message and website copy.

Fearless Branding wrote ClickMail’s tagline, “Make Your Email Smarter,” and all of the copy on ClickMail’s new website www.ClickMail.com, including a thought leadership whitepaper.


ClickMail’s average deal size more than tripled, resulting in several million dollars of incremental revenue. The sales team stopped pursuing smaller, price sensitive clients.  With more powerful tools, ClickMail successfully converted bigger clients – with bigger budgets.

An interview with Marco Marini, CEO of ClickMail:

Why did you need help with branding?

We were coming off a very disappointing year. New sales were virtually nonexistent. We had a bunch of great leads coming in, but nothing was converting. We had two problems:

  1. Our website and marketing materials were woefully out of date.
  2. Prospects weren’t clear about how we worked.  We didn’t have a strong identity. Our team couldn’t articulate our value – so we weren’t winning over decision makers.

How did you justify the investment in branding if you were having a tough year?

I made the argument to my management team that the reason we weren’t selling could be tied back to our branding and positioning. It was essential that we address these issues to improve our sales.

Why did you hire Fearless Branding?

The word “Fearless” really resonated with me. I liked that angle and philosophy. It was what I sold internally to others on my management team about who you were.

What stood out to you about our work together?

The whole process was good – I felt we were always making progress. We have some big personalities here and you did a good job working with the team to get their input and get everyone in sync on the content.

Is your brand strategy working?

Yes, “Make your Email Smarter” is working! Prospects are resonating.  Customers get it.

We have a website that is current and relevant.  We have succinct messages that tie into the problems decision makers are trying to solve. It makes a big, big difference for our sales team to convert the sales we need.

Can you measure your results?

We placed a huge focus on sales in 2014. We won 30 new clients, which were the right clients, and dramatically improved revenue versus the prior year.

If you hadn’t invested in the ClickMail brand, where would you be now?

We wouldn’t be as far ahead.  Our sales have definitely turned around. The branding and messaging were fundamental for that to happen.

Would you recommend Fearless Branding to a colleague?

I already have multiple times. Our experience was a very, very positive one. You are the person to talk to about branding.  Your branding speaks to who you are – I love your Fearless positioning.