STRENGTHENED market position.
Doubled revenue.

Brilliant Ink is a boutique internal communications agency that specializes in helping companies to create an optimal employee experience.

Fearless Branding worked with Brilliant Ink in 2010. Our work included Brand Vision and writing the tagline: “Your People Are Brilliant.”

Through Brand Vision, Brilliant Ink developed a more focused profile of its ideal client: A Fortune 500 company that must attract, develop and retain brilliant people to achieve the results they need. Brilliant Ink also developed a clear mission statement: to support those brilliant people with an employee experience that feeds their brilliance.

Today, Brilliant Ink’s clients include technology companies like PayPal and pharmaceutical leaders like Novo Nordisk.


An interview with Liz Kelly, Founder and CEO of Brilliant Ink 

Why did you hire Fearless Branding?

We needed to strengthen our positioning to attract more clients. We were selling ourselves short in pitches. I wanted to work with a professional to clarify our positioning – to really nail it. I needed to make sure that clients understood all of the value we bring.

I was very interested in having you talk with our clients. I knew it would be revealing and I wanted an outside expert to do it. Our clients are senior people at Fortune 500 companies. Because you had significant experience conducting interviews with these kinds of clients, I trusted you to bring the level of professionalism and polish we needed.

What was most valuable about the work you did with Fearless Branding?

We got a lot of valuable strategy and messages that helped me to grow our business:

  • Insight into how our clients viewed us. The report from the interviews was rich with details about our clients’ perceptions and how they make decisions.
  • A clear positioning of who we are and the value we provide.
  • Language the enables us to articulate our value and tell our story more effectively.
  • A tighter definition of our ideal client. We now focus on companies that require brilliant people to achieve their objectives.
  • Belief statements that define what is most important to us. They guide my decisions every day. When we meet with a new client, I use them to assess if they’ll line up with what we believe.
  • There’s another benefit that I don’t want to overlook: Brand Vision gave us confidence. We know now that we have a valuable story. The work that we did with you gave us the backbone to stand up taller and claim our space in our industry. We know that we have a value proposition that is as strong – and stronger – than any of our competitors.

What results have you seen since we completed Brand Vision?

Our business doubled year over year, from 2010 to 2011. Being able to tell our story more effectively absolutely brought us more business.

Brand Vision had a much bigger impact than I thought it would when we began. I invested in working with Fearless Branding to get Brilliant Ink more clients. But Brand Vision also helped us to define everything we’re about: our culture and what we believe in.

Brand Vision helped our team get in touch with how proud we are of what we’ve built. It continues to guide us two years later.