Client research and brand strategy that will grow your business

Do your ideal clients understand there are no substitutes for the value you deliver?

Brand Vision is a proven, systematic methodology that positions your business precisely in your market.

You’ll attract your ideal clients and communicate to them why they need to do business with you – and not your competitors.


Deep understanding of your clients and prospects. Who they are, what they need and how they make decisions. Prepare for some surprises.

Clarity about your competitive advantage. Exactly what your business delivers that your competitors don’t - including the feelings you create through your client experience.

Differentiated messages that communicate your unique value.   Your ideal clients will understand why they should hire you.

Guidance about how to sell more effectively. We’ll define specific brand promises to ensure you communicate your value throughout the selling process.

A clear vision for your business. It will keep you focused and get your team aligned.

A roadmap for better decision making. Your Fearless Brand is the central organizing principle that guides everything you say and do to attract your ideal clients and deliver unique value to them.


1. Brand Vision meetings with management

  • Precisely formulated interview questions clarify your competitive advantage
  • Brand Vision sessions give you the time and structure to envision how to position and grow your business

2. In-depth interviews with clients, prospects and colleagues

  • Strategic and tactical insights help you sell more effectively
  • Understand needs and motivations of clients and prospects
  • Identify opportunities for new revenue; uncover any concerns
  • Discover how clients talk about the real value you provide

3. Competitive analysis

  • Understand how your competitors communicate
  • Ensure your messages are strong and differentiated versus competition
  • Determine the best way to position your business


Brand Vision includes extensive documentation of our work. Clients refer to it for years after the project to stay on-brand. I’ll present the finding and recommendation to you in an strategy session to ensure that you translate insight into action.The project includes two essential deliverables:

1. Brand Vision Summary

Distills your Fearless Brand strategy. It's the big-picture guide to your brand distilled down to one page, that you, your employees and outside agencies will refer to on a daily basis.

2. Brand Vision Comprehensive Report

The Comprehensive Report provides detailed documentation of the entire Brand Vision project, lining up with the steps outlined above:

  • Brand Vision Strategy

Details your brand’s competitive advantage, how to communicate it and how to leverage your brand to grow your business.  

  • Insights and Recommendations from In-Depth Interviews

Documents what your clients actually said. Detailed recommendations for how translate insight into strategies, messages and actions that will grow your business.

  • Competitive Analysis

Shows you how your competitors communicate to the market – what works and what’s weak.