A rigorous collaboration that will grow your business

Brand coaching will give you a strong foundation for your business that will set you up for success.  It’s designed for consultants and owners of service firms to:

  • Build a strong brand
  • Develop and implement an effective marketing plan
  • Establish a clear business plan with measurable objectives
  • Master the art of selling
  • Cultivate a fearless mindset

Brand Coaching is a hybrid of expert guidance and implementation.

We’ll do what it takes to achieve your objectives as efficiently as possible, whether that means coaching you through the key steps of building your brand and your business or doing work for you.

Here’s an outline of what we’ll work on in Brand Coaching. All of the pieces fit together to ensure your success. Consider it a menu. We’ll work only on what you need.

Get clear about your objectives and what you want

  • Define your key Issues – the big questions you’ve got to answer to get clear and be committed to your path. Examples:
  • Define what you are committed to
  • Set measurable objectives
  • Clarify your business model
  • Create an action plan

Define your brand strategy

  • Achieve clarity about your unique value
  • Clarify your purpose and mission
  • Define your differentiating values
  • Conduct research to understand what your clients and prospects need and how they make decisions
  • Develop a profile of your ideal clients – define your niche
  • Define your competitive advantage and differentiation
  • Define Your Fearless Brand Idea: the simple, big idea that drives everything you say and do and attracts your ideal clients

Develop your messages and foundational marketing materials

  • Create your brand identity (name, tagline, logo)
  • Create copy for your website, one-sheets and other collateral materials
  • Design and build your website
  • Create thought leadership pieces: articles, white papers, manifestos
  • Write case studies
  • Communicate effectively with clients and prospects. Know what to say when it matters most:

Package your services and offers

  • Write the descriptions of your packages to make it easy for prospects to buy
  • Price your services optimally

Develop and implement your marketing plan

  • Determine which marketing strategies will be the best fit for you
  • Develop a step-by-step plan and marketing calendar
  • Get support for implementing your plan
  • Identify resources to do work that you want outsource
  • Define timelines and budgets

Master the art of selling

  • Strategize how to pitch and win business
  • Identify the needs of your ideal clients
  • How to talk about money and pricing
  • Write effective proposals and contracts

Establish systems that support your business

  • Financial systems
  • Time tracking
  • Project management

Succeed in your business

  • Handle clients and projects to produce optimal outcomes
  • Make your clients your raving fans!
  • Ongoing support to handle issues that arise in your business

Cultivate a fearless mindset

  • Assess your beliefs and assumptions
  • Productivity
  • Address your fears, anxiety and unproductive self-talk: When you’re clear about your brand – the unique gifts you bring, and the values that are most important to you – you’re better able to tap into your strengths and serve your ideal clients