Find the edge of your cliff

Think back. It’s Saturday morning. You’re watching cartoons. BEEP. BEEP. Roadrunner zooms by in a cloud of dust.  Miraculously, he stops. Right at the edge of the cliff.  It’s a great place to be! Long pause. Wile E. Coyote streaks … Continue reading

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How well can you articulate your strategic advantage? Is it there – but hidden?

All of the clients I’ve worked with in the past couple of years had a powerful strategic advantage – based on how they do business differently than the competition. None of them were leveraging it, however. Moreover, most didn’t know … Continue reading

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HOW TO BUILD A FEARLESS BRAND – How your brand can help you sell

How to Build a Fearless Brand introduces you to a suite of tools that enables you to do a rigorous “deep dive” into defining your business’s unique value.  You’ll learn strategies for differentiating your business from the competition.  And you’ll … Continue reading

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Your Central Organizing Principle

Differentiation starts by defining what you stand for. What is the underlying principle that drives everything you do? I call it your Central Organizing Principle. For me, it’s fearlessness. For Fearless Branding client Lina Foster it’s “Say what needs to … Continue reading

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How important is differentiation for professional services firms? Prospects and clients are not looking for differentiated firms, per se. Clients have needs and opportunities. Often, they simply want to hire a qualified professional who will get the job done. Sometimes, … Continue reading

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Can Vision Be Delegated?

Interesting article in today’s Wall Street Journal (July 13, 2011):  Struggling Oprah Network To Name New CEO: Oprah. You can read the article here: I wonder what Oprah felt when she decided that she had to take the reigns … Continue reading

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Coffee-Mate and the Meaning of Life

2001 – Before the end of “irrational exuberance.”  I was making an obscene amount of money as interim director of marketing on Coffee-Mate managing projects like making sure that Coffee-Mate floor decals were produced. One day, while hiking my favorite … Continue reading

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Your Brand Is Everything

Your brand is the totality of the experiences that your business delivers – inside your organization and outside.  That’s complex! The genius of strong brands, Fearless Brands, is that they distill complex business systems into a simple idea, so that … Continue reading

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